The creative tourism with the motorhomes

15.08.2013 | Category: Caravan&Discovery Czech&Slovak Discovery

The creative tourist, looking for something. More and more of those who already are not attracted as standard sightseeing and experience products and definitely not stay in one place. The creative tourist looks for opportunity, looking for new tastes and new experiences. He wants to feel the taste of the region. He wants individuality and independence. This trend is even more significant in the segment of the motorhomes. Hunger for discovery and spontaneous decisions are much appreciable. Interested to move from campsite to STPL (short-term parking). From long to one or three-day short stays. The emphasis is on exploring and activities.

There is scope for online catalog Programme Czech & Slovak Discovery Discovery.

 It is specifically designed for active creative owner of the motorhome. Who actively seeks local, traditional products and original specialties. He realizes that what for centuries generated around in the region are authentic and original, it is verified generations. Looking for what they can not find anywhere else. Especially interesting is the possibility of year-round use for weekend activities for one or two nights. Many hosts of the catalog can create the conditions for group trips or pave the way for various events.

Program Czech & Slovak is aimed precisely at such a guest. Program makes opportunity to taste and learn something original, and to become familiar with new people and their work. Similar programs for the owners of the motorhomers are based on the principle – come, park, taste or purchased – are working abroad for 20 years. It allows not only discover, but even to find your grower or farmer. Gradually to build a direct relationship with the producer and the consumer and not to purchase in supermarkets. Find the way back to traditional values ​​and quality based on best practices and freshness of local produce.

vinohrad ee DSC_0467

Program in the form of an internet catalog is therefore designed very modern. Program supports access through any device enabling internet access with emphasis on those mobile. The concept of web catalog allows you to search and filter by various criteria, easily and intuitively. It is possible to search by region, by production or focusing. As support serves statistics of the most looking hosts or newly added. Interesting is also interconnection on Facebook which are presented the freshest events and news. Of course there be the permanent updating. Catalog is appeared as a new tool well as hosts themselves, and so is constantly expanding with new locations.

According to the established practices abroad, it was elected a proven model where the registration on the host side – producer’s free. Paid membership of the program is for the guests – motorhome owners. So guests are indirectly supported sustainability of regional producers. The reason is as well as splitting the guests, that the program was not abused and the catalog can be accessed only identifiable guests. Those who have real interest in local production.  Program Czech & Slovak Discovery follows the motto:

- closer to the people, to nature, closer to the essence of life and the healthy regional products


salas Zbojska Slovakia

Support local farming is important to the economy of each region. With the arrival of hypermarkets disappeared a lot of  small farmers. Today on the market are lacking. Unfortunately, it will take for several years to this whole segment up and running again. For customers, these food are incomparably better quality. Try a taste of cheese from the farmer and compared with that in stores. About wine not to mention. A quality sheep sheep cheese do not buy in the store, only the pasteurized dead substitution. Regional products smell well as taste differently than when they are imported from far, and ripen in trucks. Connect active visit nature over the weekend to purchase fresh and honest food.

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